Contact Fort William Golf and Country Club



Keli Foglia, Director of Member Services

Office: (807) 475-8925 ext 203

Nancy Campbell, Bookkeeper

Office: (807) 475-8925 ext 202

Greg Hollins, Master Superintendent

Office: (807) 475-3866

Craig Morton, Director of Golf

Office: (807) 475-4721

James Szturm, CPGA Professional

Office: (807) 475-4721

Graham Davis, Chef

Office: (807) 475-8925 ext 210


Board of Directors

Gord Wickham, President
Grant Lilley, Vice President of Golf
Randy Clemens, Vice President of HR/Finance
Paul Maydo, Vice President of Member Services
George Norman, Director
Heather Whyte, Director
Sandi Doig, Director
Rick Bevilacqua, Director
Bruce Tait, Director
Jack Vis, Director



Randy Clemens, Human Resources/Finance Committee (Chair)
Heather Whyte, Human Resources/Finance Committee
Gord Wickham, Human Resources/Finance Committee
Sandi Doig, Human Resources/Finance Committee
Grant Lilley, Golf Committee (Chair)
George Norman, Golf Committee
Rick Bevilacqua, Golf Committee
Jack Vis, Golf Committee
Paul Maydo, Golf Committee
Bruce Tait, Golf Committee
Paul Maydo, Member Services Committee (Chair)
Sandi Doig, Member Services Committee
Heather Whyte, Member Services Committee
Rick Bevilacqua, Member Services Committee


For more information contact our Board of Directors or Committee at fwcc%23ca|directors.