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Summer 2017, ISSUE 2





The Super News

In early June, the seeding of the greens was completed, heat and water at that time were accelerating the grow-in.  There have been many challenges with the  large amounts of rain in June, 116mm coupled with 30mm so far in July.   This amount of rainfall has kept feet on the wetside and slowed recovery on several greens.  The greens will be vented over the next couple of weeks to keep the roots healthy.  Nighttime topdressing continues on nights when it is dry.  

Top dressings are improving the roll.

Fairway, tee and rough herbicide treatments were completed in June.  Summer students are now on site an more attention to detail with string trimming, edging, and small drainage projects will be finished up!

The drainage on hole 10 will be finished once the rains stop!  

Due to the amount of rain, there are many days the golf carts are CART PATH ONLY.  This is done to protect the turf which will be prone to damage by golf cart traffic traversing over the the same area repeatedly.

PLEASE adhere to this policy and always maintain a 90 degree rule when carts are allowed on the turf.  It's YOUR course, lets work together to do what we can to protect it.

Nor'Westor clubhouse Lounge


This season, enjoy lunch, dinner or a beverage after your round.  Chef Graham has planned delicious food specials in the Club Lounge on select Friday and Saturday nights!  Watch for the specials advertised in the clubhouse and your inbox!

Also, take advantage of the select food items that are available at the turn.

THE junior development program

Highlighted Points....The Junior Golf Camp sponsored once again by MNP's Paul Fitzpatrick started July 4th.  This camp runs every Tuesday at 0930 for six weeks.  


In addition to the Junior Camp, FWGCC Junior members will also have golf lessons on Thursday mornings starting at 11:00 am starting July 13th for five weeks.  Following instruction by the PGA Head Professional, Craig Morton, PGA Assistant Professioal Jim Szturm and volunteers, the kids will have supervised time on the course!  Kids can make up their own groups and play!  They will tee off from the red tees, a 200 yard marker or a 150 yard marker depending on their age and ability. 

Cost of the Junior Member Group Lessons........FREE!

Goals of the Program...to introduce golf to the kids (of almost any age), and to teach them proper fundementals, course manners, sportsmanship and most importantly, to have FUN!! 

To review the FWGCC Code of Conduct with your golfer, follow the link below.

Click Here

2017 FWGCC men's invitational

Registration for this year the FWGCC Men's Invitational is now open.  This tournament is limited to the first 60 teams with skins paid out daily.

Once again the format will be Best Ball/ Best Shot / Alternate Shot, with first tee time Friday 1:00 pm.  For more details, please click on the link below.

2017 Invitational

Pro Shop:  Lessons and Merchandise

Visit our PGA Professional, Craig Morton in the Proshop and arrange for a swing assessment or lessons to improve your game and lower your handicap.  Try out new club technology or new golf apparel arriving daily!

What I think my swing looks like. Funny Golf Joke! #Golf #LorisGolfShoppe




  1. The Super News
  2. Nor'Westor Clubhouse Lounge
  3. Junior Development Program
  4. 2017 Men's Invitational
  5. The Pro Shop:  Lessons and Merchandise
  6. Message from the President
  7. Asking the Experts
  8. How can you Help your Club?
  9. Clubhouse Improvements
  10. Chef's Table
  11. Golf Pass Reminder
  12. More Disturbingly Accurate Golfisms

Message from the Club President

Summer is now here and the long days give us time to squeeze in 18 holes (or more) after work!  We have had alot of rain and hopefully soon we will see more consecutive sunny days!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new members.  We sincerely hope that you enjoy your season with us.  And, of course, we welcome back all our returning members.  We appreciate your support.  

If there is anything we can do for you, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Board by email at directors@fwcc.ca

We have already hosted some great member events and there will be many more throughout the season.  We encourage all members to come out for a fun golf and social experience.

Your participation in these events will guarantee a great golf and social outing and will contribute to the success of our club!  

On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank our Senior Team at FWGCC.  We truly have some of the best and are lucky to have them.  Enjoy your season!


The Board of Directors has representation from many business sectors, each bringing their expertise to the table.  That said, we are looking to develop an adhoc group of experts from our membership that we can consult with for situations where we do not have the expertise represented.(Marketing, Law, Human Resurces, Grant funding, trades etc.)  

If this could be you, please forward your name and area of expertise to directors@fwcc.ca 

how can you help your club?

We are still looking for volunteers with time and skills to help with club improvements!  Your volunteer hours can earn credits toward cart passes!  Send email to directors@fwcc.ca

Please contact our Golf Professional, Craig Morton at craigmorton@fwcc.ca if you hare interested in volunteering as a Player Assistant/Marshal or starter.


CLUBHOUSE improvements

Through out the season and post season, there will be improvements made as our budget allows.  We are budgeting to replace the flooring in the office and start our improvements there as this is the first point of contact for members and guests. 

Check out the Calendar of Events on our Website via the link below.

Click Here

Starters wanted!

The ProShop and Craig (Morty) are still looking for volunteer starters.  Members or non-members can earn clubhouse credits towards green fee passes or golf carts depending on the number of hours you volunteer.  If you are interested or know of anyone who might be, please contact the Pro Shop. 

Chef's table 

White Chocolate and Cherry Semifreddo

3 eggs (room temperature)                                        100g/3.5oz sugar                                                     300ml/10oz 35% cream (whipped to soft peaks)      200g/7oz white chocolate plus extra for garnish)         300g/2 cups cherries (pitted & chopped plus garnish)


  1. Line a 1.5L loaf pan with saran wrap leaving enough hanging over the edges to cover the top.
  2. Beat the eggs and sugar until very thick and pale.  It should grow to be about 3 times the size (will take several minutes)
  3. Fold in the cream and chocolate to the egg mixture.  Then fold in the cherries just to combine.  (If mixed too much the cherries will turn the semifreddo a greyish color)
  4. Pour the whole thing into the pan and wrap with the overhanging saran wrap and freeze overnight.
  5. Turn the semifreddo out onto a cutting board and remove saran wrap.  Cut slices off the loaf and garnish with the remaining cherries and chocolate.



Reminder:   Any passes issued prior to 2017 will expire at the end of this season.  Going forward, all passes issued can be used no later than the date of expiry as indicated on the pass.


Never wash your ball on a water hole.

Don't play with anyone who would question a "7".

If your driver is hot, your putter will be ice cold; if you can hit your irons, your will top your woods; if you are keeping your right elbow tucked in, your head will come up.

No golfer ever swung too slowly.

No matter how badly you are playing, its always possible to play worse.